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Top 5 Benefits of Joining Online Islamic Courses

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Educational delivery is at a crossroads. Hastened into normalcy by necessity with the advent of Covid-19, Online Learning is the new learning byword. No longer are class-based lessons and training the norm, instead, as pandemic containment quarantines continue to be extended worldwide, Online Learning is the operational standard of most educational institutions.


Curiously, this delivery model has been well-received, and even in regions where class-based lessons have re-started, the demand for online learning modes continues to be high. Whilst online learning was initially brought to the mainstream out of necessity, the adaptation to this learning mode has seen many prefer online learning to traditional class-based lessons.  


The convenience and flexibility that online learning affords has been realized by many. Students can now learn anywhere, at their own convenient times, enabling them to manage their schedules more dynamically and enabling them to consume more knowledge in the time they saved from having to travel to different venues to attend classes. Now they simply have to click on their computer, laptop or mobile screens and enter a world of learning from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


This trending educational delivery model is not exclusive to just secular knowledge, but this bridge has also been constructed to deliver online Islamic courses. There are many benefits to learning Islam online.


Some of the benefits one can get from learning Islam online include:



Without a doubt, convenience is a key benefit. Learning Islam online or joining a Hadith Course Online provides great convenience for students, especially in Islamic education. Students can now gain access to internationally-renowned scholars from all over the world. No longer do physical borders and lack of proximity to scholars provide obstacles to learning Islam. All this while comfortably seated in your homes.



In traditional learning models, a lot of time is lost travelling from class to class, venue to venue. Learning Islam online helps to save time; time which could then be better utilized to help the family with chores, or even to dedicate to more learning experiences. Learning online is a great way to save time.


Qualified tutors:

In many regions and countries, it is difficult to gain access to qualified tutors, and even more so when we are seeking qualified Islamic tutors. Online Islamic learning build virtual bridges that bring students halfway across the world with a click of the mouse, or a tap on your mobile screens. It’s amazing how technology has made learning so much more accessible, no matter where we are in the world. Now you can learn Islam anytime, anywhere, and from some of the best and most-qualified tutors available.


Anytime access:

Online learning brings with it great flexibility and accessibility to knowledge as students and seekers of knowledge can now take their classes at any time that is of the most convenient to them – when the kids are asleep, or the days work has been completed, or even after Farj, before daybreak. The options are limitless.


Online learning opens up gives access to more comprehensive knowledge:

With access to various scholars of many madhabs, and access to scholars who were once travelling the world as seekers of knowledge honing their craft, learning Islam online through safe and established platforms with a mainstream Nabawi-centric delivery of Islam will bring with it a variety of scholastic knowledge and opinion. Knowledge that you otherwise may not have been able to gain access to if confined within a city or area with small numbers of established scholars. This greater talent pool of knowledge brought onto one digital space by scholars from different parts of the world will bring with it a diversity and more expansive view of Islam.


Whether it is about joining Online Quran Learning Courses or Online Hadith Courses, it is important to seek the right sources of knowledge. It can be dangerous if you were to consume knowledge that portrays a harmful, disparaging or damaging brand of Islam. SimplyIslam Academy, hosted online at


https://www.simplyislam.academy/ prides on delivering a Nabawi-centric brand of mainstream Islam, where peace, love and harmony are key determinants in our educational delivery. With a confluence of established, renowned, and internationally-recognised scholars, you can rest assured that the Islamic knowledge propagated on https://www.simplyislam.academy/ is safe, comprehensive and enriching to the mind, spirit and soul, Insha’Allah. Sign up at https://www.simplyislam.academy/ and enter a world of beautiful Islamic knowledge, easily accessible, anytime, and anywhere.


Source of url:- https://sites.google.com/view/simplyislam-academy-ltd/home


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